Who said it was Pay Day?

and so it starts…

The first of many purchases have been made towards Samuel’s room.  Actually this is one i’m really excited about as there were a limited amount released and I managed to buy a pair.  I’m so excited as Tiny Jax haven’t even officially launched yet, owned by the awesome @carterandus and available exclusively from Jaxon James, I cannot wait for their official launch.  So please welcome Raven & Snow as the first guests to Sammie’s room…


Aren’t they just gorgeous, no two are the same, please follow Tiny Jax IG feed to see more of their amazing products!

Next was another piece that I knew would sit perfectly alongside these little guys, a hand painted name wedge from the adorable Sweet Little Tinkers, this is my second purchase from Louise as I originally purchased a really cute wooden rainbow to use in my product images (you may have seen).  I remembered seeing these name blocks at the time, so as soon as I decided I was doing Sammie’s room then I knew I had to purchase.

name wedge

A lot of Louise’s items are limited runs and specials, so she is definitely worth a follow on IG to make sure you don’t miss out on new products, as well as their exclusive blankets and prints.

My last purchase (so far) was an awesome light box from Monty & Moosh, I’ve been coveting one for a while.  Again not my first purchase from these guys;  I had previously purchased the confetti balloons for Sammie’s baptism last month and they were awesome, great table decoration and awesome fun for the kids after.  I must admit I have to control myself on their website as with all the above there are so many beautiful things to choose from, so I have no doubt i’ll be visiting again soon…


With 3 different colours of light box and 3 different choices of lettering including symbols, hand drawnpastel (oh yeah might have ordered them for myself while i was there… can you blame me!).  I can’t wait for the holidays so I can get started on his room, so exciting and i hope you’ll follow our journey! Lots more to discover, buy and make…

Fay x

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  • Donna Jones says:

    Thankyou for that high recommendation indeed! This is also my first appearance in a blog as a new business & so I shall forever remember this tribute.
    Thank you for your unrelenting support and encouragement.
    Donna & CJ. X

    • faycarrick says:

      You are so welcome! I am so excited by what you are doing and can’t wait to share, you are doing such an awesome job and it’s inspiring to watch your journey and development! #letsdothis #momboss

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