What to do with an Anime Room


Okay so I must admit when Hen told me he wanted an Anime themed room I was v excited, to the point where i kinda lost it a little and just went Anime mad… However reality then set in when I began to think of furniture, fixtures and general colour scheme etc.  Also Hen is 11 (12 this year) and much as this is a huge part of his life now, who’s to say that it still will be in 2, 3, 4 years time, but I am certainly not redecorating within that time frame!

So I needed to get serious and stop drawing Anime (as fun as it was); i decided that the room needed a feel of Japan, a feel of Anime, but without being overly themed – although Anime will definitely feature…

This is the main wall in Hen’s room.


And here is my vision for afterwards


So out goes the old divan bed and in comes wood framed double bed.  Either side will be box shelving, with simple bedside tables either side.  I’m undecided but think i may also add a line of shelving across the top of the bed, between either side shelving units, we’ll see.

So this is our spare bed and it will soon be Henry’s!  I will be painting the wood effect, along with some very simple bedside tables (actually stools i think) in a dark grey. To match these shelves from Ikea that i think will be perfect…

£130 from Ikea

A few more bits i like the style of…

Varv Clamp Spotlight £29

This is the colour palette we’ll be going with and love this inspiration from Pinterest. How cool is that chair!

I love the traditional style of this mixed with totally up to date theme, A fantastic idea for a kids room i think and will defo be sourcing something similar!  To see more please jump over to pinterest and follow Henry’s board as it develops over the next few months.

I’ve a few other ideas that may become part of a new collection so will see how that unfolds, but for now this is where we are at, hope you like and any shops you think i may like then please let me know as you know how much i love to source small and independent!

Fay x



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