So Fred was really happy with the mood board I showed him, and was actually really excited by some of the bits I’d found.  He was especially excited about the Egg Chair (that’s gonna take a while to locate) and the gaming artwork/prints.  However we had a bit of a spanner thrown into the works…

So one of the biggest decisions is Fred’s new Bed! He currently has two single beds in his room.  However one of these is going to Grandma’s new flat when she moves next week.  So do we stick with the single divan he has (it was expensive and is only a few years old); or do we buy him the double bed he really wants?  Okay so if it was just me then i’d give him a double bed in a flash as it’ll last him for much longer.  But trying to persuade the OH of the need for a new bed is another thing altogether.

Beds for Boys

So I spoke to Fred and he immediately showed me a couple of ideas that he wanted.  I have to say I loved them…

However there are a couple of issues with this style of bed for Fred’s room:

  • While it is a space saver, the layout of Fred’s room would mean a double bed version would take up a large part of his room.
  • He is no way allowed his XBox in his room (that’s what the playroom is for) so there is really no need for the seating/gaming area underneath.
  • He already has a desk and storage too so it’s not needed for that either.

So I think it’s time to choose a double bed.  But what style?

Now normally I’d go for wood every time, it’s timeless.  Especially in this black tone I think it has a clean, modern look.  But I really do like the style of this metal bed. It’s perfect for a young lads bedroom.  So I’m torn, what do you think guys?

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