I literally could spend most of the day switching between Instagram and Pinterest as they are both such great places to find inspiration and tips on kids interiors and decor.  The below 5 accounts are my absolute faves, and would really recommend for inspiration and even more!

1. Four Cheeky Monkeys – Children’s Interiors and Lifestyle

Four Cheeky Monkeys is a creative lifestyle and interiors blog dedicated to the little people of the world.

2. Rock My Family – Celebrate the joys of family life…

Rock My Family celebrates the joy of daily family life with their dedicated, loyal, yet transitional community and provides a valuable resource for everyone navigating the many challenges they find along the way.

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3. Kids Interiors – Get Inspired!

Kids Interiors is an on-line inspiration and shopping guide for the best kids interior brands and shops from all over the world.

4. Project Nursery – Experts in baby nursery, kids room + party design

5. Nursery Decor – Coolest IG nurseries, playrooms and kids decor

So if you are new to IG, or just haven’t come across these guys yet; then they are a must follow.

Happy Sunday folks,

Fay x

P.S Got an account you love, you think we should be following, then please share below! x