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becoming sober curious

For the last few months, I have been considering becoming teetotal. But it’s only in the last few weeks I have made a concerted effort not to drink (not always succeeding!) and become truly ‘sober curious’. Up until then, I thought being sober curious, was as it sounded, being curious about becoming sober.

Sober Curious

Unlike becoming sober as a result of a dependence on, or addiction to alcohol, sober curiosity is actually having the option to change your drinking habits for health-focused reasons (mental and/or physical). The sober curious movement encourages you to look at the often-unhealthy habits that are associated with alcohol. To have curiosity about the reasons behind your desire to drink and how alcohol affects your life.

Alcohol is obviously not a dangerous problem for me, I do not need to become ‘sober’. However, the more I cut back the more I notice just how much it affects my mental health and my sleep especially. If you want/need to make a serious lifestyle change – the sober curious movement recognises that. It also helps to break the stigmas that have long been associated with sobriety. 

What I have noticed is the longer I go without, the less I enjoy the few times I do partake. I’m also very all or nothing, not good at the in-between. So sober curious gives me the option to cut out alcohol for as long as I desire, without the guilt if I do partake occasionally, or after lengthy abstinence.

Sobriety is interesting to look at. Whilst trying to quickly process in my head (not my forte!) then I can’t really see any real disadvantages as such:


  • Save money – It definitely saves money, not only from no longer buying the alcohol but also from those purchases made online after one too many. We all do it, right?!
  • Physical health – Cutting out alcohol has a positive effect on not only your liver but other organs too. You may also lose weight, especially around the belly/tummy area. It also contributes to a much better night’s sleep.
  • Mental health – We know that alcohol is a depressant. So while it might initially make you feel good, it doesn’t last. I definitely find I can control my symptoms and mood much better without a drink. I’m also much more motivated too.
  • Memory – Alcohol affects memory and the ability to remember things. I have enough problems with my memory as it is!
  • Hangover – No more hangovers! Admittedly I didn’t really get many anymore, but even the dull, tired feeling the next day. I certainly won’t miss that.
  • Driving – No more taxis! No having to go and pick the car up the next morning. It also means if one of the boys needs picking up late then I can go get them (maybe that’s a disadvantage?)


  • Taste – I always enjoy the taste of what I drink, and thought that was what I would miss. But actually, the non-alcoholic versions now are so good that I can’t argue taste anymore. I’ve also noticed the longer you go without, the more you notice you don’t miss.

After that, I was a bit stumped really. Would love to know if you can think of any actual disadvantages?!

Verywell Mind notes: ‘As plant-based diets, yoga, and mindfulness rise in popularity, so will sober curiosity. Often referred to as β€œgeneration sober,” the millennial generation has embraced the sober curious culture and has actually made sobriety more culturally acceptable.’

Points to note

  • Alcohol overuse is linked to mental health problems, liver disease, seven forms of cancer, and more. 
  • 24% of adults in England and Scotland regularly drink over the recommended guidelines.
  • Alcohol misuse is the biggest risk factor for death, ill-health, and disability among 15-49 year-olds in the UK.

Moving forward

For me, the older get, the more I want to live my best life. There are so many things going on for me right now and I know that alcohol is not helping. So surely it makes complete sense to not drink. I do find it funny that it still carries such a stigma in our generation. That not drinking is frowned upon and questioned as strange. I think I was probably exactly the same up until recently.

I guess if I’m honest, I worry I won’t be as likeable without a drink, I won’t be as much fun. But maybe it’s more about learning who I really am and being happy and comfortable with that. If others don’t like it, then that’s their issue. So let’s see how this goes, I’m excited (and a little scared) for the change.

Fay x

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