So as you may or may not know my eldest (Henry 11, 12 next Friday) has developed a real passion for cooking.  Whether it’s helping with the Sunday roast, or cutting the veg for the weeknight salad, he’ll do what he can.  However sweet treats are always a particular favourite.  So here are our top 5 favourite kids cake recipes, perfect for cooking with your kids!

Kids Cake Recipes

chocolate cornflake cakes

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

I remember cooking these as a child with my mum and sisters, and I still love making them now.   So easy, so simple and so tasty!

Prep: 10 mins               Cook: 5 mins                Level: Easy  

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butterfly cake

Fairy Cakes

Possibly my favourite from when I was young.  Being wheat intolerant now I tend to steer away from (will need to check out some gluten free recipes!)  but I am an absolute sucker for buttercream…

Prep: 20 mins            Cook: 20 mins              Level: Easy  

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choc cake

Chocolate Cake

Now who doesn’t love chocolate cake?! This is a great recipe, a great staple for birthdays and treats on a weekend…

Prep: 35 mins             Cook: 25 mins             Level: Easy  

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Rice Crispy Cakes

Rice Crispy Cake

Such an easy recipe and one the kids always love to help with.  Make as simple as you like or cover/add treats of your choice.  Perfect for an after school or play-date treat.

Prep: 10 mins               Cook: 5 mins                Level: Easy  

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Kids Cake Recipes

Millionaires Shortbread

This is Henry’s favourite cake of all time along with brownies.  Another easy to make cake, with only 4 steps.  Keeps well in the fridge!

Prep: 20 mins             Cook: 20 mins              Level: Easy  

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So there we have it! Now Hen and I just need to decide which one we are going to bake this weekend?! Will run a poll on Instagram if you fancy letting me know your favourite or comment below! What was your favourite bake as a kid?

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