How Felicity Rocks Half Term!

It’s been a mad week, half term for the kids last week but i still had to work a couple of days at the day job, then it was a case of balancing orders with entertaining the kids.  I managed to get the majority of my orders finished by the end of last week (my best week of orders yet #happydays) just as the weather started to get a little better so it meant we could spend some well earned time playing in the garden, just nice to be out enjoying the fresh air with the boys and family.

BBQ season has officially begun (we will now proceed to BBQ approx 2-3 times a week – the OH is slightly obsessed by it, well that along with Squash and Golf!) and I do love a good BBQ.  Although during my first pregnancy this wasn’t a great season, i didn’t have any cravings but could not stand the smell of barbecue food, he still insisted on BBQ’ing nearly every week *cue nausea* but anyway that’s a distant memory now (that i drag up at opportune moment every now and then to make a point).  It also means the OH spends a lot of the time cutting the lawn with a small person in tow, which i love to watch.

As i said biggest week of orders yet and got them out on Monday, but more about that in my next post!  Because this is all about some pretty fabulous items i’d ordered from fellow Etsy sellers…

 How amazing are these motivational cards from the fabulous Laura @ Ip Dip Design, We share a total love of everything bright and fun and being incredibly insecure and self-doubting then i need something just like these to look at and remind myself it might not be easy, but it’s worth it and I am enough. They are perfect for sharing on IG, Twitter and Facebook to motivate others and to brighten up a dull day.  So go on, why not pop over to her Etsy shop and buy some for yourself! Her packaging and little extras are bob on! Samuel says it all #yourock

13418848_10154314430258149_2298108587633651569_n         13418685_10154314430248149_3213224456437903937_n

My next purchase was from Erica @ Ditsy Dot, I’ve known Erica for sometime now and absolutely love what she is doing, but having no little ladies of my own I never really considered her awesome hair accessories as something for me, but as soon as I saw the Hero Girls range I knew I had to have! Oh and then the woodland collection, and then… too much choice, needless to say I’m a happy lady.  I quite often plait my hair anyway so couldn’t wait to use…

13346995_10154314429998149_4941201488967792077_n 13406794_10154314429983149_8780389133762909534_n 13343116_10154314430073149_6593726497900778368_n

My last purchase I’d waited sometime to order as I had to save my pennies (everything is going back into the business at the moment), but it was well worth it as we are all absolutely in love with it, and had so many compliments/comments on it.  My friend even liked so much she ordered her own!

It’s from another lovely Laura @ Laura A Fisher Art and is quite possibly the most cutest piece of artwork I’ve got, but don’t let that make you think it’s teeny small, quite the opposite.  I’d been looking for something at the top of the stairs in our hall for some time and as soon as I saw Laura’s work I knew it would be perfect.

13339696_10154314430138149_2363129458607792339_n       13407009_10154314430158149_3099107778384647585_n

She was delightful to work with and we had a lot of convo’s over the months i saved up, she was extremely patient and I could tell just how much she enjoyed her work, which is such a lovely thing.  I think you’ll agree it’s damn perfect and I made an awesome choice, i would definitely recommend having a look at her store for ideas for your own home or for some beautiful gift ideas!
Anyway that’s my week, now it’s back to the grind.  Fingers crossed my Superhero comic fabrics should arrive this week so I can get on with making more fab & fun cushions and super soft blankets for you all!

So what did you guys do for half term? Did you go away and have a beautifully relaxing time in the sun? Did you go on a staycation? Or maybe you were the same as me and you kinda muddled through with days here and there.  Would love to hear what you got up to!

Signing off for the night, well maybe after a glass of bubbles…

Fay x