How Felicity plans ahead in 3 easy steps…

Well that’s the plan, but as we know the reality (especially with kids involved) isn’t always as straightforward! The boys break up next Tuesday and the plan is to:

  1. Move our eldest up to the playroom (also poses as spare room with a bed and bathroom) in the attic whilst the decorating takes place.  Samuel and Henry are swapping rooms anyway, so it means Henry’s room is empty for me to decorate from scratch.
  2. Paint the walls. The walls will be pretty simple; one black (blackboard paint so we can chalk on the walls), the rest white although i might source some black wall stickers to use also! *Rushes to Pinterest*

Four hours later…

Love this idea! And the great things with wall stickers is they can be removed when you want a change or to update (just don’t tell Samuel!)

3. Decorate & Furnish the room…

I’ve had a few new purchases from fellow small businesses arrive this week, and i’m sure you’ll agree they are just perfect…

13754331_10154282226648563_9123721869797880601_nI saw this print on Monty & Moosh’s Instagram feed and knew i needed it for my wee man’s room.  It’s exactly what i want for all my kids, i’m a great believer in encouragement and want my kids to know that no matter what they want to do as long as they work hard and put their mind to it then they can achieve it, and i will support them every step of the way!


The second purchase to arrive is my (sorry his) beautiful monochrome unicorn! Isn’t she beautiful…

From KATShandmadeitems all the way in Greece, this gorgeous little lady has very quickly settled in to her new home alongside some of Samuel’s other new friends…

Keep an eye on her IG feed for some beautiful posts and all of her lovely makes.

In the meantime we need to come up with a name for her, she has made really good friends with Raven & Snow, but they are keen to call her ‘Hairy’ (they are monkey’s!) and I’m not sure that is the best name we can come up with, so head over to my Instagram and watch out for my next post, to let me know your name ideas!


Can’t wait to hear your ideas…

Fay x

P.S Couple more to check out this week coming are Oso Twee Prints & Daisy Mooo

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