How Felicity finds her patience tested like a toddler wanting juice on a morning…

Or is that just my toddler?…

I wrote this post on Monday and thought i was being very organised, however my WordPress App on my IPhone was also playing up so haven’t managed to upload till now! Enjoy x

Our internet has been down all day and whilst during the day it hasn’t been an issue for me (4G, housework and a trip to Ikea kept me busy) it’s now evening and I need to be ordering supplies and working on my website; but as we always should do, I’ve looked to the cloud with a silver lining and it means I can take the time to finally update my blog. It feels like forever since I posted….


Since the last time I posted I exhibited at The Baby & Toddler Show in Manchester which was amazing, hard work but great fun.  It’s always so nice to meet people face to face and hear what they think of your work (although people pointing at one of your canvases saying how gorgeous it is; then turning to their pal and asking if they can paint that for them, whilst you are standing there, maybe wasn’t my happiest moment 🙈). However I learned so much and can’t wait to put that into practice; one major development will be to introduce some new product lines so if there is anything you would like to see, that you’ve always thought I should be making then now’s your time! Speak or forever hold your peace 🤐😂😂


Image courtesy of @rosie_gower_

One new product I have introduced that’s proved extremely popular is the toy storage bag! Part of the Superhero range, these sacks are hand painted and can be personalised with a child’s name at no extra cost. Launched at the Baby & Toddler show these went down really well and orders have been coming in thick and fast for these ever since.


Image courtesy of @rhiann0n_and_co

NB: I will be realising a couple of Christmas themed bags too as they will be perfect for storing all those pressies under the tree! So keep an eye out…

Anyway off now to try and get my shop to play nicely on the website and finish some orders. Half term next week, so could all go horribly wrong LOL

Remember to let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to see as part of the brand?

Lots of love,

Fay x


Featured Image courtesy of @carterandus

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