How Felicity finds her first ‘Big boy’ room

So I suddenly realised that I never did do a post on Samuel’s finished room… Now i’m not sure if you guys are like me and it never will be totally finished but it’s pretty much there, and i wanted to share with you.


His feature wall was just so much fun to do, and we all love having a good rearrange to freshen it up or if something new arrives that we want to add.  Pretty much everything here (bar the shelves and storage unit – Ikea) were bought small from shops found on IG,


I had originally wanted a blackboard wall, but hubby was dead against as black is the hardest colour to get rid of, and I knew we’d want to change it at some point, so instead the bed wall lent itself perfectly to the amazing Superhero mask decals from V & C Designs, and then I had a large blackboard that we had in our kitchen previously, which sat perfectly under his bed.


Although I have to say I may be tempted to save up and replace the blackboard with this little beauty from super cool online retailer Diddle Tinkers

monochrome letter number tower

How fab is that letter/number tower, and always good when they are educational too!

His chest of drawers was v basic and so i wanted to make it a little more stylish, i found these handles in B&Q for something ridiculous like 33p each or something ridiculous like that, but what a difference!


The Swab Design pegs are amazing, I really wanted to find something totally different for a hanging solution in Samuel’s room, with these we can hang his housecoat, his ipad, his blanket, pretty much whatever he fancies that night before going to bed to make sure it’s there for him in the morning!

giant paperclip unique wall hook

The last wall in the room is where his TV will go when he is a big bit older (he has a DVD player for now – but that needs to go soon too!) However when we built the house we put all the points in so there was no wires or building works in the future, the problem being for now it leaves lots of jack points, sockets etc. in the middle of the wall, so what do you do? Deep edge canvases are the perfect solution (one of the main reasons i started using them) as they fit right over them, so not only do you cover them up, but you have an great piece of artwork to boot!


The only thing big left to do is to make him some custom curtains and bedding, which is a brand new project for Henry, Fred and Felicity...  Samuel adores it and i love that the first thing he does when someone visits the house is to take them to his room to show them.  That why I do what I do, and I want to show that all kids can have rooms they love, that don’t have to cost the earth (unless you want them too!).

What do you think guys, you like?

Fay x


Where did i get?

Feather & Bird – Various

V & C Designs – Wall Decals

Pintoys – Fire Engine (hand me down from brothers), Safari Set (donated by big cousin)

Swab Design – Giant Paperclip

Ikea – Various

Imagine Sew Beautiful – Personalised embroidered cushion

Aldi – Relax cushion

Bulb London – Bulb plushie

Be Unique Kids – Toy guitar

Happy little Folks – Wooden Camera & TV

Jones & Parker Toys – Wooden Tractor

Tiny Jax – Raven & Snow, Tiny Hands, Splatter House

Kids Boetiek – Wooden Retro TV Set

Rainbo & Bear – All our awesome prints!

Monty & Moosh – Various

Ciao Bambino – Mono Rainbow

Sweet Little Tinkers – Batman plaque and Samuel name wedge

A Little Lovely Company – Light Box

Little Cloud Company/Mono Me – Captain Cloud

Mono Me – Personalised Samuel Peg Doll

Mom Made it – Crayon Initial Frame

Kats Handmade Items – Mono Amugurumi Unicorn

Crazy Little Crafts – Multi Cloud mobile

The Bear & The Bird – Mono garland and star mobile

B & Q – Various

Jelly Cat – Mono Cat – otherwise known as ‘Baby’

Osotwee – Mono Heart Print

Feral Hearts Kidswear – Cloud/Star mobile





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