How Felicity Finds A Love of Colour

So how many of you are scared of colour?

Are you planning on decorating your nursery?

Does the thought of adding any colour fill you with fear?!

What colour do I add?

Can I add more than one?

Should I only paint one wall?

How do I tie in with the rest of the room?

Shouldn’t nurseries be calming colours to sooth baby?


Okay okay let’s chill, let’s just take a moment to breathe LOL. Colour in a nursery really isn’t that scary and with so many options available to us we are definitely all being a little bolder nowadays, but do you know what, I absolutely adore bold colour (those who know me understand – I had to go and buy a black suit for my own father’s funeral as literally don’t own anything black) and I really want to push you guys even further with its use in the home.

Bold colours and shapes stimulate babies. So let’s get you thinking just how you can do that. Now the first 3 points are ways that we are fairly comfortable with already, but I wanted to show you how you can push that even further than you have already…

1. Soft Furnishings

2. Feature Wall

3. Art work

The next few points are maybe going to take you a little further than you’ve maybe considered before. But do you know what, it’s your home, it’s your style, so let’s show that off to its full potential in your home.

4. Furniture

5. Pattern/Print

6. Clashing Tones

7. Dark Hues

I hope that’s given you a little inspiration for your nursery!  You can find all these images and links on my Pinterest blog board. If you want to have a chat then please just follow me on FB, Pinterest and/or Insta and drop me a line; only too happy to discuss any ideas you are unsure about trying.

If you are already a colour aficionado in the home then I’d love to see your pics, tag me and I’ll feature some of my favourites!

Stay fun, stay bright!

Fay x


P.S As i said you can find all the links for the above images on my pinterst blog board, but a few of my particular favourite companies to help achieve your desires are below:

Somewhere Only We know 

Enchanted Interiors 

Crazy Little Crafts 

Hazel Loves Ivy  (if on holiday then please follow her, she’s seriously worth it)

Jo Jones Creative


P.P.S And please check out Etsy before anywhere else, as there is so much talent out there x

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