How Felicity Deals With The Loss

So I’d done really well today, I’d suddenly got some inspiration and despite having a post already started on draft I felt the need to write a whole new post.  I was inspired by some pins i’d found earlier in the week and just how fab the use of bold and striking colour can be in the home.  So literally within 10 mins i had a whole new blog that come tonight – I was at the day job – I just needed to add images and links and it was there. I felt almost ‘professional’ LMAO…


Don’t be silly that’s not me, what did i do… I forgot to email it to myself so I’d have it at home (need to send my log in to work really that would be logical!) Yep so all that advice is gonna have to wait till next week I’m afraid folks.

However in the meantime a little tribute to one of my absolute inspirations in my life, Victoria Wood. I really am at a loss for words. 2016 has brought so much death and still it keeps coming and I guess a lot is down to me getting that bit older so my idols are also getting older, therefore will start to pass on, but Victoria was someone just so incredibly amazing to me, she shaped my younger years, she made me laugh, she made me cry, she gave me a lot of great impressions i could do in front of classmates to make them laugh with me instead of at me!


I don’t think i realised just how much of an impact she had on my life.  She was ‘normal’, she was ‘northern’ she was AWESOME! I’m going to miss her a lot,, but will never forget and look forward to all the re-runs I’m very sure we will be indulged with.  Victoria you were a godsend and will be missed sorely x


Fay x

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