‘Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.’

Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Greenery was chosen as THE Pantone colour for 2017, and botanical in THE trend in interiors right now; so move over Monochrome, here’s how to introduce this massive trend into a nursery or child’s bedroom!

I began my research where any good person does… Pinterest! and immediately came across this stunning wall mural from Rebel Walls which is a beautifully fun way to bring the outdoors in to a nursery.  On checking out their website I came across some other fabulous examples that would be perfect for either a nursery, playroom or child’s room.

Paper-thin delicate leaves with a layer-upon layer effect. Up, down or side does not matter, just as green and beautiful as that.  Perfect for an older child’s bedroom or playroom!
Carefully hand drawn letters created with ink and watercolours from A to Z.  Perfect for a nursery or playroom, and if you really can’t deal with Green, it comes in Black too!
This floral wall mural is both powerful and delicate.  Having been searching for something for Henry’s room, I think I may have just found, how perfect for his Japanese room!

But what if you want to include ‘actual’ greenery into a nursery or playroom?  Is it safe, what plants are best…

A lovely example found on Pinterest, with not only some actual greenery, but also incorporating some beautiful vintage style floral prints.  Just stunning…
Lullaby Paints share the best plants from the list that are safe and non-toxic for the nursery (and are also fairly durable for those of us with brown thumbs).
Check out these 5 non-toxic, nursery-safe plants to clean indoor air
Lover of all things vintage, @calivintage (Erin) shows a perfect example of how plants can add something truly beautiful to a nursery.  A simple and stylish interior, with such a light and airy feel, as if almost outdoors.  Go check out her feed for more…

Another great way to introduce botanicals or greenery is by adding soft furnishings or artwork.  There are plenty of fabric sites out there to order your own and make whatever you fancy, cushions, blankets, decor.  If you want some inspiration or don’t want to make yourself then here are some great examples (including a few of my own!).

This is such a fun addition to any room, and best of all you can make easily yourself! Click here for full instructions (as long as your French isn’t rusty!)

And so there you have it, some beautiful examples of how you can introduce greenery and botanicals into your child’s room!

I’d love to see some examples of your children’s room! Please feel free to share on FB or IG using the hashtag #howfelicityfinds for a chance to be featured!

See you soon,

Fay x