Fred’s desk makeover (for under £35)

boys bedroom desk

Fred was already feeling a little left out (he’ll be last to get his room makeover), so when I could no longer ignore his desk getting a little overrun, I knew it was only fair to give him a mini makeover!

Out of the 3 boys he is pretty good at keeping his room tidy, but since Christmas his desk has just never really recovered from all the gift storage and now he’s getting more and more homework, I wanted to give him a little storage and the chance to clear his desk.  The only cost involved was £32 for the Konnect cube storage shelves (2 x 2 Cube size) and I got in white so they should be able to work in his new room (whenever he gets) whatever the feel may be, and if not then I already have some in my studio, so a few more will definitely not go amiss!

Actually once I started clearing I realised, it looked worse than it actually was…

Nice and clear…

Shelves constructed – I have to complain at this point as my fingers are still hurting as I type, please can B&Q make their fittings a little better as quite a few of the screws took a lot of hard graft to get in (and I count myself as a flat pack aficionado) and a few I still haven’t managed, but will try again tonight with a better allen key than the one provided! #ouch

 Then just a little careful sorting of his books, and a few accessories from his ‘Union Jack’ room (he had a total obsession with the Olympics in 2012 and the love of all things British has never really left) and we are all done.

Took less than an hour and I now have one happy son, and a little more breathing room to get on with Henry’s room LOL.

Job Done!

Fay x


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