Felicity is turning Japanese

So Samuel’s room is pretty much done, few bits to add which i will of course share with you as they develop, but the next big project is Henry’s room…

Now we swapped Henry & Samuel’s rooms when we redecorated, so it was lovely with Samuel’s as we started from a blank canvas, no furniture, nothing.  The problem with Henry’s room is he has lovely newly painted, blank walls but unfortunately he has remnants of furniture from everywhere… A divan bed (never cool for a kid if we are honest), a desk that was mine, a chest of drawers that was his fathers and then the junior robe that is too heavy to move until we get some men in LOL.

kids-bedroom-before-picture  blank wall

Anyway the plan is…  bah bada bah (imagine trumpets at that point) MANGA!!!!!!


OMG How much do you love Manga, or is it just me?! I’ve always had an absolute fascination with Manga art and all things Japanese – is a trip to Tokyo too much for inspiration? – and would love to be able to draw, so for the next 6 months (at least) i will be working hard to create a Manga inspired bedroom for Henry.  What i really need is a drawing tablet so that i can then also transfer any of my hand drawn images to print as would love to be able to create soft furnishings to match.


Watch this space!

Fay x