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Lockdown Luck?

I decided a little before the pandemic broke that I wanted to grow my hair.  I do this, I constantly change my hair; whether it’s my actual hairstyle/length, the colour, or the age-old quandary ‘fringe or no fringe’?  One thing the lockdown has allowed me to do is to get through that awkward ‘mid-stage’ without any actually seeing!  So I can move on to my favourite part (almost more than actually having the hairstyle) looking at what I’d like to do with it next…  So here are my 5 Best Bobs, for that perfect mid-length style.

5 Best Bobs | Mid Length Hairstyles

5 Best Bobs

I love a bob. I think it is one of the most flattering styles, and that there is a bob for every face shape.   Below is my choice of what I feel are the 5 best bobs out there and why.

Bob with ‘Bangs’

Suits an oblong-shaped face.

Short Bob

Suits a pear-shaped face.

5 best bobs | Short Bob

Long Bob

Perfect for pear-shaped and square-shaped faces.

Graduated Bob

Suits square-shaped and round-shaped faces.

5 Best Bobs | Graduated Bob

Messy/Wavy Bob

Suits heart-shaped, square-shaped, pear-shaped and oval-shaped faces (varying lengths).

5 Best Bobs | Messy Bob

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What now…

The thing I love about bobs as I said is that they suit all face shapes.  Furthermore, not only that but especially longer styles are so easily pulled back for a daytime look and then worn down for an evening look.  Also, a messy bob is a great look for a more casual look, with a sleek bob making a stunning impact anywhere.

For me, I’m just past the short bob phase, especially as I decided on day one into lockdown to cut my fringe back in and immediately hated. I’d love the stunning centre-parted lob, but with my expansive forehead and oblong face shape, it just won’t happen.  So it’s between a side-parted graduated lob or a classic bob ‘with bangs’.

What’s your favourite style?

Fay x