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ADHD overwhelm: What it is and how to manage

24th September 2023

I’ve been quiet of late and it’s been almost 3 months since I was able to write a blog. I am completely overwhelmed at the moment with everything and struggling to do more than the bare minimum. A new job, Sam’s move to secondary school, F going off to Army College and being part of […]

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ADHD and gut health | female sits on floor with left leg on floor and hands round ankle of right leg with knee in the air.

Menopause, ADHD and Gut Health

30th April 2023

As you know since my early 40’s I’ve suffered from bloating, food allergies and intolerances. In fact, these were one of the first signs of menopause with me (not that I knew they were symptoms at that point). Since then they have gradually worsened. So, during lockdown I decided to finally order a YorkTest, opting […]

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Easter Holidays 2023 - Mother and son cuddle whilst on cobbled street

Easter Holidays 2023 – Delight or Duty?

7th April 2023

The holidays are meant to be such a relaxing time. Time as a family. Time to rebalance. Unfortunately for many families, especially those with neurodivergent children, holidays can be a much less relaxing time. Time without respite. Time without much-needed support. For some, even exclusion. The Easter holidays become more about surviving, than relaxing. Define […]

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