Those of you who follow me, know that concerning Fred’s room (specifically his bed) we’ve been back and forth.  However we have finally made a decision together on his ‘Boys Bedroom’ and so it’s time to get a shopping list going.  And time for me to get saving, making and up-cycling!


We have finally both settled for the Stora Loft Bed for his room.  I am still undecided as to whether I may paint it dark, that can wait.   It’s a really good size, and gives him some great floor space too.

Ikea £239


For a long time the boys have had a sofa bed and a sofa in the playroom, and actually they only tend to use one.  So i’ll re-cycle the sofa bed and it can sit underneath Fred’s bed to chill on.  To give it a freshen up and tie it in with the  room, i’ll buy a brand new cover in grey.

Ikea £60


Of course I think there needs to be a bit of a gallery wall, so far these are definites…







Bold Print Studio £20

Soft Furnishings

I saw these cushions a while back on Pinterest, and struggled to find their ‘owners’.  I’m still not entirely sure how to order, but have tracked them down I think.  We’ll see…

Awesome Store £TBC


And so to paint colours…  Now this is the bit that is best left unmentioned to his majesty (i.e hubby) as we all know his aversion to dark walls.  But this time I’m standing my ground, even if I have to paint myself!

B&Q £12

So it’s time to get on it. So lovely to work with my boy every step of the way and know that he is as much as part of the design process as I am.  He’s really excited and has some great input.  Keep a watch out for the next installment.

Fay x