Household Isolation Credit:

Household Isolation

Day 3

So with everything as it is at the moment and the world changing literally in front of our eyes, I kinda thought it might be time to start writing again.

Current situation…

We are currently on 14 day household isolation after our middle son (The Jock) woke on Monday morning with mild symptoms; continuous cough and temperature.  Bearing in mind on Monday morning this just meant a 7 day isolation for him alone, it didn’t seem so bad.  So despite thinking it was probably nothing, it was a small sacrifice to ensure we limited the possible spread.  Fast forward to that evening and suddenly household isolation was announced.  There was no going back!  Suddenly the food I had been buying gradually over the past few weeks that we laughed about, became an absolute necessity.  My decision for none of us to visit my very vulnerable mother for the past week didn’t seem so extreme.  Suddenly it all seemed a little real.

A reason to be thankful

We are extrmely lucky as we have the space to fully isolate ‘the Jock’, including a bathroom he doesn’t have to share with anyone. The OH and I are able to work from home meaning we can be here for theg, but still work to ensure we are bringing wages in.  So we are truly thankful.

Fear Factor

It’s interesting but for the last few months I’ve been focusing on a move away from social media. Taking time to just concentrate on me, my family and everyday life.  However the Coronavirus has really ramped up my anxiety again (and I know that a lot of people in the same boat).  It’s something I realised I suffered from only in the last few years and actually it’s been pretty much under control the last few months.  But it now explains exactly why I started stocking up (not panic buying, or emptying shelves I may add, and not toilet roll either!) earlier than most.  Feeling the worry about my family to the point where people thought I was perhaps being too over-sensitive.  Even taking steps to social distance much earlier than others.

But I think the biggest thing for me was the lack of direction or instruction of what to do in the early days.  The lack of knowledge, yet the constant stream of information.  Having to believe in the leaders of our government and institutions, whilst also listening to my gut; especially whilst the rest of the world took very different measures initially.

5pm update

Okay so as we will all now be aware, schools are now officially closing in the UK.  I knew this would happen, I had been thinking about it for a couple of weeks.  Alas the reality of these last few days have really brought it home.

As said the OH and I are very fortunate to be able to work from home.  However suddenly this is a disadvantage.  Now not only do we need to put a full working day in, but like millions of others we are expected to ‘teach’ our children too.  God help us if we actually get sick!

Fair enough I’ll just be shouting at the ‘Geek’ and the ‘Jock’ to do what work has been set for them, before they are remotely allowed near their phones or XBoxes, but it ain’t so simple for the littlies.  The ‘Monkey’ is severlely dyslexic and has made amazing progress at Bootham over the last year and a half, but now it’s down to me…

The anxiety is kicking in, am I going to fail him.  How do I have the time to teach him as well as work.


I hope that this blog will allow me to vent some of my anxiety, as well as offer some solace to others to in the same boat.  A place to realise you are not alone and just share your worries.  I have some amazing friends who have already sent some great resources to use educationally which I’ll share.  As well as some ways to ease your anxiety over the next few months.  But more than all, I kinda want this to be a diary for my grandkids, to see what it was like to live through, because this is definitely going to change our world as we know it!

Anyway enough ramblings for now, till tomorrow.

Fay x

Summer Holidays

Summer Summer Summer Time

Summer Holiday!

  • No of times I wanted to kill my husband: 7 (the exact number of nights we were on holiday!)
  • No of accidents by Daisy: lost count!
  • No of times Daisy escaped the garden: 0 (the chicken wire has done the trick)
  • No of times Samuel escaped the garden: lost count! (shame the chicken wire doesn’t keep him in)
  • No of times I burst into tears: 2 (a day?!)
  • No of gin bottles in the recycling: lost count (took some to bottle bank so as not to look too alcoholic obvs)

The Summer holidays bring all sorts of new and exciting expensive adventures.  But can I just ask, who the frig decided that children need to ‘do’ something every day?!  What happened to just chilling at home and making s**t out of cardboard boxes, or spending hours in the garden and fields ‘playing’, or in the case of my 13 year old, sleeping!

Social holiday!

You will notice that I go a little quiet on social media over the holidays, there are various reasons for this.

  1. I’m too busy staving off fights over the last of the milk or the best packet of crisps.  Dealing with melt downs over not being able to go to Energi (other trampoline parks are available) every single day of the holidays.  Coping with 3 boys who are continually hungry and thirsty as if they have been starved for weeks.
  2. I actually can’t deal with all the ‘perfect’ photos of everyone else doing stuff in the holidays.  Stunning photos of kids enjoying the outdoors, playing gleefully with their mates, on glorious holidays where everyone is happy and smiling.

There is nothing more guilt inducing than looking at these photos and affirming what a s**t mother you must be because you allow your kids to sleep past lunchtime, stay on their Xbox for half the day or watch their iPad for more than 30 minutes a day.

And how come everyone else seems to go on amazing holidays every year and to go on trips every other day to kids attractions and historical outings.  Maybe there is some secret club that mum’s all join – like a closed Facebook Group – that I missed out on cause I was too busy cleaning up dog poo from the kitchen floor and secretly pouring gin into a mug so I could drink at 1pm without anyone knowing?!

Here is my summer holidays…

Day 1

Lie in, remember we have a dog, get up and take Daisy out for a wee, give her breakfast.  Take breakfast up to the small child who is attached to his iPad in his ‘den’ (this is basically his covers and every pillow he can find on the floor under the bloody captains bed I bought for him, sleep on the actual bed man!!!!!!).  Realise you have given the dog the porridge and Samuel the dog food, quickly swap.  Make first cup of tea.  Feel excited for the holidays and everything I am going to achieve.  Think about blog to write to show these achievements.  Start the clear out of the spare room, manage an hour before realising it looks worse than it did and This Morning is on.  Fall asleep on sofa and wake up an hour later, meanwhile little man is still on his iPad and the bigger two are still fast asleep.  Well it is Day 1 after all, i’ll get them up earlier tomorrow.  Think about blog to write.  Look at the spare room for an hour or so, moving piles from one side of the room to the other.  Realise that the small one has actually got himself dressed and sneaked out the back door to ‘garden’.  Remove large shears from said small person and turn off the outside tap before he fully floods the garden.  Look at clock and realise that it’s 4pm, that’s definitely an okay time for gin on holiday.  Think about a blog to write.  Cook three different teas (brunch for the bigger two).  Take Daisy for a walk.  Cook tea for me and the OH.  Pour another gin.  Think about a blog to write.  Put small one to bed with his iPad (yes, yes I did!) and check the bigger two are still alive/awake in their rooms.  Think about blog to write. Pour another gin.  Sit on sofa for ‘just 5 mins’ with Daisy to have cuddles.  3 hours later realise that it’s time for bed…

Day 2

Lie in, remember we have a dog, get up and take Daisy out for a wee, give her breakfast.  Take breakfast up to the small child who is yet again attached to his iPad in his den.  Make first cup of tea.  Feel less excited for the holidays and everything I am going to achieve.  Think about blog to write.  Continue the clear out of the spare room, manage an hour before realising it looks worse than it did yet again and This Morning is on.  Fall asleep on sofa and wake up an hour later, meanwhile little man is still on his iPad and the bigger two are still fast asleep.  Well it is Day 2 after all, I’ll get them up earlier tomorrow.  Think about blog to write.  Look at the spare room for another hour or so.  Realise that the small one has got himself dressed again and sneaked out the back door.  Fetch him from adjoining field before he cajoles a lift on the Combine Harvester, never to be seen again.  Look at clock and realise that it’s 3pm, that’s definitely an okay time for gin on holiday.  Think about a blog to write.  Fall asleep for an hour on sofa with Daisy.  Cook three different teas (brunch for the bigger two).  Take Daisy for a walk.  Cook tea for me and the OH.  Pour another gin.  Think about a blog to write.  Put small one to bed with his iPad (yes I did it again!) and check the bigger two are still alive/awake in their rooms.  Think about blog to write. Pour another gin.  Sit on sofa for ‘just 5 mins’ with Daisy to have cuddles.  4 hours later realise that it’s time for bed…

Day 3-35

I think you get the idea…. Somewhere in there I finished the spare room, but gave up at the hall as it all got too much.  Technology won (I was a gamer myself so maybe i’m a little soft), Daisy won, Gin won.

Day 36

HOLIDAY!!!!!!! We’re driving to Northern France this year.  The OH and middle bigger one are already in Vienna whilst the OH competes in a Squash Tournament.  He did want this to be our ‘family’ holiday, I politely declined.  So on the Saturday after sitting for 5 hours in the hairdressers chair (I had the appointment booked for over 2 months, I wasn’t cancelling and yes that is the average length of time I spend there, it’s my only luxury!) I had to rush back, shove the eldest bigger one and the smaller one in the car (the car had been packed since Wednesday, i’m a tad anal/anxious about packing) and drive down to Stanstead to pick them up.  3 hours later we arrive at Stanstead and marvel at my amazing driving ability, like a proper grown up, with amazing hair too!  Pick them up, head through the Dartford tunnel and stop off for a McD’s before collapsing in a Premier Inn for the night.

Day 37

Up at 7am! Luckily boys excited so waking them isn’t too bad, more Famous Five go Camping, than Kevin and Perry.  Journey pretty uneventful until we arrive at our destination and discover a town parade means every and I mean every road to our AirB&B for the week is closed.  Thank f**k for SatNav, so after being exactly 2 mins from our destination, a quick 30 mins later #seriously and we finally arrive and unpack. Where’s the Champagne… well it is France!

Day 38-43

Little man and me get up late morning and chill for a while downstairs.   He plays in the walled garden (and relax) and I have a good book and a cup of tea.  OH gets up late morning and heads off to the Patisserie for Baguette, Pan Aux Chocolate and Croissants.  Sometimes we all go, sometimes just OH and the little one, and we always have a wander along the promenade.  Breakfast is eaten (hard for me gluten free and all, sometimes you just have to give in), and then we try and persuade the bigger two to get up and do something.  Most of the time we go to the beach and enjoy, sometimes we don’t bother.  But every night after tea we all sit down to play UNO, Monopoly and Draughts and I bask in my achievement as a wonderful mother where her whole family can sit down socially together and converse, laugh and enjoy family time #goodtimes  Well before the arguments start over cheating and official rules!

Day 44

Little man and me get up early morning.   Yes he is on his iPad and I begin stressing about packing the car and have a cup of tea.  OH gets up still heads off to the Patisserie for Baguette, Pan Aux Chocolate and Croissants.  Breakfast is eaten whilst I persuade the bigger two to get up before lunchtime.  OH starts packing the car.  I get anxious as he isn’t packing ‘properly’.  Re-pack what is already in the car.  Remove what is packed as I’ve forgotten and packed little ones clean pants.  Re-pack car.  Remove what is packed again as bigger one has managed to get chocolate on top, and needs clean one.  Re-pack car.  Set off for Ferry. Get given short straw in lane choice at terminal.  Get on Ferry LAST!!!!! Eventually find 5 seats together, smell vomit from previous crossing #suchfun  #4hourstogo  Get back in car.  Due to being last on, you’d think we’d be first off…  No No No, LAST OFF THE F**KING FERRY AGAIN! 1 whole hour later!  Cue a 5 hour journey with full car, 3 boys in the back “the booster seat isn’t in the middle mum”, “he’s putting his arm near me”, “he looked at me”, “he breathed”. Definitely more Kevin and Perry this time, the Famous Five have been murdered and slaughtered and packed in the boot! Kill me now…

Ten thirty pm we arrive home, luckily the eldest two just take themselves off to bed, but the youngest is beyond tired and takes some convincing to go to bed.  By eleven thirty i’m in bed.  I have work in the morning, have no idea what to wear, or really care, my hair needs washing and I need a shower.  Is it all over yet?

Day 45

BACK TO SCHOOL!   For me anyway.

Day 46

BACK TO SCHOOL for the boys… okay so it turned out it was only for the smaller one, but I’m pretty sure the bigger two weren’t that annoyed at me for getting them up at 7am and sending them to the bus stop at 8am only to realise they didn’t start back till tomorrow (I did have an inkling, but never acted on that LOL).

Day 47


Who said these were the best years of our lives…  Pass the gin!

my depressing life

My Depressing Life

Tuesday 14 August 2019

  • No of trips to the toilet alone: 2 (woohoo!)
  • No of accidents by Daisy: 3
  • No of times Daisy escaped the garden: 0 (hence the 3 accidents!)
  • No of times Samuel escaped the garden: 1
  • No of times I burst into tears: 2
  • No of times I wet myself: 2
  • No of times I wanted to run away: 1 (miracle)

So today wasn’t too bad in normal terms.  OH left early for overnight trip to Head Office, so the morning should have been chilled…  Bar the recycling team coming at about 8am and therefore Samuel arrived in outfit 1. ready to ‘help’, it was a pretty chilled day.

A flurry of work emails contributed to Daisy’s ‘accident’ record, as well as the sad affair of dead pigeon chicks that we had ‘rescued’ from the ground the night before.  This also contributed to Samuel’s outfit no. 2 (builders outfit), not sure of the relevance but anyway.

To resume happy holiday affairs Henry (yes he emerged from his room, yes he was still in his pants, yes he did wash his hands!) suggested the baking of cheese straws, who doesn’t love cheese straws.  Outfit no. 3 for Samuel (full Chef’s whites) Shall I just suggest following the recipe precisely…. extra cheese is not always such a good idea!

my depressing life

A visit to Grandma Bling (best name ever!) with Samuel prompted outfit no. 4 (no idea or care by this point, bar the amount of f**king washing this becomes), such fun.  After several hours and much fun, a temper tantrum took the better of a small person and after strong resistance (we are literally like MI5) he cried himself out and fell asleep where he lay.

Sleepover at Grandma’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

This shit ain’t easy folks, and don’t let anyone make you feel like it is (she says skipping home and pouring a large gin!)

How are you all coping?

Fay x

social anxiety triggers

Social Anxiety Triggers & Coping Mechanisms

I watched the BBC documentary by Nadiya Hussain with anticipation. Despite recently realising that my insecurity was actually a little more than just insecurity and actually social anxiety, I hadn’t actually spoken to anyone, or read/watched much about personal experiences with social anxiety.

Nadiya: Anxiety and Me

As Nadiya began explaining how she felt, how her mind worked, it was literally like listening to myself.  As I sat watching her talk to the doctor about the bullying she went through as a child, I was literally screaming at the telly.  It hit such a nerve, in a macabre way it was just so nice to know that someone else had gone through exactly what I went through.

The really interesting part for me was listening to Nadiya talk about her social anxiety, the triggers and her coping mechanisms.  I realised that there were so many things that I did that were clearly coping mechanisms.

So I began to really think about my triggers and my coping strategies, in the hope that I can identify and work on.


  • Large group social situations
  • One to one social situations
  • Travel

I’ve been thinking about my anxiety triggers and they pretty much fall into the three categories above.

Large social situations

Large social situations are a pretty obvious one and I think a lot of people will understand this.  I can’t tell you the amount of parties and conferences I haven’t gone to because I built them up so much in my head.  So many people in one room that I either have never met or hardly know. So many people to dislike me.

One to one social situations

One to one situations are a little different. Generally the first time we meet it’s more nerves, but then I begin to build the pressure on myself.  I become anxious about not being good enough, it overwhelms me until the point that it is easier to just not do.

Phone calls are a huge anxiety trigger for me.  Just dialing a number or answering a call is hugely difficult for me.  All family and friends of mine will have called me at some point and I won’t have answered.  It wasn’t because I missed the call, but much more likely that I was frozen to the spot unable to have the courage to answer.


Travel is a huge trigger for me as so much could go wrong, so much is out of my hands. And having three kids just added to my anxiety, I start packing at least two weeks before we go anywhere.  And I can literally feel the anxiety leave my body as we go through passport control, or the train leaves the station.  God knows what adding Daisy Duke (our 12 week old Dachshund puppy) into the mix will do.

For so long these triggers have affected my life, in fact controlled my life.  And I’ve built coping mechanisms just to ensure that either I can reduce the anxiety as much as possible, or at the very least cover it so that others don’t see  And clearly I am not alone.

Coping Mechanisms

  • Avoidance
  • Organisation
  • Mask
  • Alcohol


This is probably my most common tactics, as it’s the easiest to do.  However the older I get the more I realise just how much I’ve missed out on.  So it may seem easy but I realise now I’ve pissed off friends, lost out on opportunities and missed some great parties.


This is one strategy that I hadn’t necessarily realised was a coping strategy.  I just thought I was a little anal in regards to organisation.  However actually it’s more about organising what I can be in control of, so that my mind has less to stress about.  So my clothes being in colour order. My shoes being in style and colour order. The humongous whiteboard planner at home. Even my desk at work being in order.  All done to bring a little more calm to the madness.


Probably my most obvious (to me) but also my subtlest (to others) strategy.  I wear a mask everyday.  My hair, my make up, my style.  Most people will assume that my ever changing hair styles and colours are born out of confidence.  That my make up is always done because I ‘have it together’.  That my style is a passion (it kinda is). But it’s actually the complete opposite.  All these things are done to mask the anxiety.  I give people things to comment on, so that I can deflect from them actually talking about/to me.


I think everyone will recognise this coping mechanism, which i’m pretty sure we’ve all done at times.  The couple of drinks before going out to give you ‘dutch courage’.  However when I look back to my 20’s I realise just how much I fell back on this.  Take attending a boyfriends’ friends wedding. I had several drinks on the way to the hotel.  When I arrived my stress levels grew and grew as I worried about wanting to talk to other people, but literally feeling paralysed to do so.  Assuming rightly or wrongly that they would all hate me.  So I drank. I drank so much I passed out in the toilet, waking hours later when everyone had left.

Moving on

I’ve never ever done anything like that again but I definitely used alcohol throughout my life to cope.  Thankfully it’s less and less now the older I get.  Thought I think that’s probably because I just avoid more situations.  So I’m merely replacing one coping technique with another.  I need to break the cycle.

I can’t sort everything at once so I’m working on a few that I feel really make the biggest impact on my day to day life at the moment.

I spoke to a good friend the other day and admitted my fear about phone calls.  But I did this ON A PHONE CALL! Yep I picked up the phone and I called them, and I don’t think they hate me either LOL.

Next month I’ve booked to go to a workshop in St Albans on my own.  This involves travel, hotel stay and meeting strangers, what could possibly go wrong (it already has in my head)!

Small steps and all that…

And if you’ve got this far, thanks for listening!

Fay x

Disclaimer:  So I just wanna say that I am not writing for sympathy.  I’m writing because it helps me to put things down on paper.  Because I want others to realise they are not alone.  But mainly I think if we all just keep writing then eventually the stigma will be gone…

Household Isolation Credit:

Social Anxiety - The Hidden Curse

Since my PTSD diagnosis and subsequent recovery via EMDR therapy I have been more and more aware of just how it affected my life.  However what has also interested me is just how much anxiety affects us and isn’t spoken about.  And also how much of my own behaviour has and is affected by anxiety.  It’s become very clear that as well as PTSD that I suffer from social anxiety too.

Types of Anxiety

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Social Anxiety

To read more on each please click here


For so long I assumed that my ‘worries’ were down to insecurity, it never occurred to me that it was actual anxiety.  And half of this is because it is rarely talked about.  However more and more of us are willing to talk openly, to break down the barriers. A new BBC series lifts the lid on some of our most well known celebrities and their struggles with mental health.

How does it manifest?

So I’ve noticed in just the last week, three specific incidences where my anxiety has been triggered:

Singing lesson – Anticipatory Anxiety (Panic Disorder)

Some of my followers will know that I decided to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and take singing lessons.  I love to sing.  My second lesson was last Friday and the negative ninny voices were working a treat.  I let them win and I didn’t go to my lesson.  I convinced myself I was rubbish, that I wasn’t really worthy of the lessons.  However for once I was honest about why and my lovely lovely friend Jo was so understanding, and that makes all the difference.  So I’m resolute that next time, even if I only manage to go for a cup of tea and a natter, I need to go! I will go!

Conference – Post-event Processing (Social Anxiety)

I had a conference in London this time last week.  It was such a great time with friends (new and old).  However by the time I’d got home and as the days passed, I’d convinced myself that I’d made a fool of myself, that my friends would think I was just stupid.  It was all completely unfounded, but it weighed so heavily on my mind.

Party – Anticipatory Anxiety (Panic Disorder)

We were invited to a friends party on Sunday evening and I was really looking forward to.  However after some comments made to me the night before that were pretty hurtful and unsolicited, my emotional state was not at it’s best.  I spent the day literally just trying to contain myself.  A trip to the cinema with the boys (as promised days earlier) was hoped to help, but actually nearly broke me. I realised quickly that I was in far to fragile a state to be at such a large social occasion.  Again unlike previously I decided to be honest with a friend as to why I couldn’t attend, and it was refreshing to be met with understanding and acceptance.

Let’s be honest

Okay so some people may react with dismissal, with scorn.  But I can honestly say that starting to be honest now about why I fail to make social appointments; or why I go quiet after a great night, has been really refreshing.

We all suffer from ‘anxiety’ at times, just like people say their child has OCD because they line their cars up.  It’s not as simple as that, I really wish it was.  Anxiety disorders affect peoples ability to live a normal life, see the effects here.  It means we cannot function with the balanced reason that most of society do.  It’s bloody hard, and it’s bloody draining…

Being honest helps!

Fay x

Working Mothers - Can we really have it all?

Yesterday’s article in the Daily Mail showing that two thirds of mothers struggling with the to-do list really hit home.  With it being the Easter holidays I felt like I was invisible.  I had three weeks off and lots of chores/tasks to do.  Working five days a week, I must admit it does feel like a never ending to-do list.  The house for me has definitely taken a back step.

Working Mothers

Our generation (Generation X) were brought up to believe that we could have it all.  We could have the career, we could have the beautiful family, and we could have the perfect home.  But I have to say I don’t believe it, I honestly don’t believe that we can ‘have it all’ in the traditional sense.  And I think that research and the younger generation are showing that.

What gives...

And it’s not just working parents, but parents in general.  So what ‘gives’ for us to try and attain it all.  The Mail states that 84% of mothers have battled on with their routine whilst unwell.  We don’t feel like we have time to be ill!

So what needs to change?

Leading Millennial’s career expert Sarah Landrum wrote for Forbes stating:

‘From the period when Gen X babies were small, grew up and raised their own children, the total rate of working mothers nearly doubled. It’s estimated that nearly a million millennial women become mothers annually.

Technology’s evolution allows modern women the empowerment of joining tradition with innovation. Millennial women can raise their babies and work at home.  Proving that women’s purpose does not lie in one or the other. SAHMs are breadwinners, too.’


So maybe we can have it all, but we just need to look at it a little differently.  Anna Whitehouse (aka Mother Pukka) has spent the last four years raising awareness of flexible working conditions for parents.  Her goal is to try and ensure the workplace realises that unless they change then they will lose out.  It has gained her just short of 200k IG followers, TEDX Official talker status,  meetings with parliament and some of the biggest global employers.

It’s up to us!

However like our kids taking control and backing Greta Thunberg with regards to climate change.  Then we need to be the ones backing people like Anna and making all our voices heard.  Just go to her IG feed and click her #flexappeal story highlight to see how many parents have requested flexible working deals.  If we don’t ask from our employers, demand from our government and take the opportunities ourselves, then how will things change.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

― Albert Einstein

So let’s change our thinking, let’s look at things a little differently.  Do what works for you and your family.  Ask your employer if what you have doesn’t work.  Sit down with your partner and look at ways of working together, if it isn’t working right now.  It’s not always about the next big promotion or chasing the dream.

After all, if you and your family are happy with your lot, then you really do ‘have it all’.

Fay x

Self Harm & Self Love

When I initially looked at writing this blog, it was because I had self harmed during my PND/PTSD.  Having listened to Sally from @Mumsback, I realised I wasn’t alone.   However it was something very rarely talked about and I wonder how many more of us there are.  This was only brought home by the struggle to find out any actual facts and figures on self harm in PND.

Self Harm

Types of Self Harm

Before I self harmed I must admit my ignorance felt that it was pretty much people who cut themselves.  However the below list gives an example of just some of the ways that people can self harm:

  • cutting yourself
  • poisoning yourself
  • over-eating or under-eating
  • biting yourself
  • picking or scratching at your skin
  • burning your skin
  • inserting objects into your body
  • hitting yourself or walls
  • overdosing
  • exercising excessively
  • pulling your hair
  • getting into fights where you know you will get hurt.

NB: If you self-harm, it is important that you know how to look after your injuries and that you have access to the first aid equipment you need. Please check out Lifesigns for information that will help.  However I’d also urge you to go seek help if you are self harming and/or feeling the need to self harm.

I was a scratcher…

It started off quite gradually, I guess it does for most.  If I was really down or had got myself particularly stressed or upset then I would scratch at my forehead.  A lot of the time there wouldn’t be any marks or just a bit of a scratch.  However as time went on, as I got worse, so did the scratching…

At it’s worst I had huge scabs on my forehead from where I’d spent hours clawing at my forehead.  Luckily I had a fringe so was able to cover up the evidence.  I’m still not sure if family or friends knew how bad it was.

Self Harm in PND

As I say apart from hearing other mum’s stories, it’s hard to find any specific figures for the exact amount of PND sufferers who self harm.  However studies show that mothers reporting thoughts of self-harm in the postpartum period are at a greater risk of ‘somatic and psychiatric morbidity during a follow-up of 7 years after delivery, and this increased risk may not be fully attributed to depressive symptoms. Results underline the importance of screening for self-harm symptoms postpartum and point to a need for individualized follow-up.’

To read the full report please click here

Let’s be open

So we need to keep pushing the boundaries, we need to keep breaking taboos, we need to keep talking.  For some inspirational and candidly honest stories please visit or share your story just like we have.

None of us are perfect, life is tough, parenthood is really frigging tough.  The sooner we are honest, the sooner we go a little easier on ourselves, the better!

Fay x

Right up my street!

As you will no doubt know from my feeds, I love nothing more than a little bit of high street fashion.   Now this comes partly from ease (literally my social life practically revolves around the weekly shop at Sainburys and checking out the Next app on my phone in my lunch ‘1/2’ hour) and partly from a cost perspective (with 3 growing boys, a mahoosive mortgage and a basic ‘after extended maternity leave’ pay packet #rollseyes).  However over the years the main reason I shop high street is because it’s so damn good!

Lipsmackingly Fresh

Blouse – Sainsburys TU

Jeans – New Look (very old, very worn and very comfy!)

Trainers – Adidas

Bracelets – Pandora & Wanderer Bracelets

It’s all about the blouse! So fun, so fresh, can be dressed up or down and always raises a smile.

Animal Attraction

Dress – Next

Jacket – New Look (again very old and very worn!)

Pins – Mek Ah Step, Three Little Pandas, StupidCats

Trainers – Sainsburys 

Earrings – Next

This dress was a must have as soon as I saw.  I was actually looking for a denim jumpsuit (more on that in another post) but got a tad distracted.  I love anything animal print and colour, so the combo of both is just like honey to a bee LOL.

Almond Dreams

Drink – Baileys Almande

Brogues – Sainsburys

Skirt – Sainsburys

Earrings – Next

I’ve always been a sucker for camel (Autumn is my very favourite season for that specific reason) so spotting this ‘New In’ knitted pencil skirt and these wedge brogues I’d had my eye on for a while was a no-brainer.  And is it wrong that I bought this Baileys just for the bottle???? I mean seriously it’s just too pretty.  Looking forward to trying, but part of me doesn’t want to open. Dare I?

So that’s my latest buys, hope you like.  What’s your favourite purchase recently?

Fay x