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It's time for something new!

I’ve been a little quiet this week, what with the day job being a little full on at mo, half term coming up and a couple of new products to introduce!  Oh and a fabulous lunch event at the Hotel Du Vin organised by Avocado Events, with Digital Influencer, the awesomely witty and honest Harriet of Toby and Roo.  An amazing start to a lovely, sunny weekend…


Okay so I do totally sound like I have a girl crush at the moment but if you aren’t already following her, then you need to! She’s northern, she’s honest, she swears and she likes a drink, what’s not to like!

But anyway enough about her and her combined >112k social media following; I’m even more northern, I swear more (well I am Scottish), I love a drink (is it 11am yet?) and I’m honest… okay so the last part is a complete lie, if you are my friend then I will always be honest, but if not then chances are I’ll say what I think you want to hear so you’ll like me! Bullying has a lasting impact you know.  I really can’t understand the 100k following difference? LOL #bemused

Anyway on to the new stuff…

First to hit are my Comic Book Bean Bags, an awesome place for your own little hero to relax on! Available in super stylish mono or uber bright pastels, the choice is yours.  Have several little heroes?, then you can even put their name on so they don’t fight over them!


I actually can’t get Samuel off his! Made from hard wearing cotton twill and a contrast canvas base & zipper.  These bean bags have removable inners, so should the worst happen (inevitable) they can be washed.

And introducing my new bedding range, again available in both multi mono and multi pastel, you have the added option of adding a personalised pillow too!  Made from 100% cotton by myself, it’s a lovely light and fresh option to add a real statement to your child’s bedroom.  These will be available online very shortly (when I figure out what the heck the major woo commerce update I decided to run over bank holiday has done to my shop #panic), would love to know what you think?!


So there we go, I now need to go tidy the house for everyone coming for BBQ, take the boys down to tennis club to watch the annual championship, take some new images if the light holds (think TBH that will end up being tomorrow), try and fix my webstore and get on with some orders.  Oh but the sun is shining…….

Over and out.

Fay x

boys bedroom desk

Fred's desk makeover (for under £35)

Fred was already feeling a little left out (he'll be last to get his room makeover), so when I could no longer ignore his desk getting a little overrun, I knew it was only fair to give him a mini makeover!

Out of the 3 boys he is pretty good at keeping his room tidy, but since Christmas his desk has just never really recovered from all the gift storage and now he's getting more and more homework, I wanted to give him a little storage and the chance to clear his desk.  The only cost involved was £32 for the Konnect cube storage shelves (2 x 2 Cube size) and I got in white so they should be able to work in his new room (whenever he gets) whatever the feel may be, and if not then I already have some in my studio, so a few more will definitely not go amiss!

Actually once I started clearing I realised, it looked worse than it actually was...

Nice and clear...

Shelves constructed - I have to complain at this point as my fingers are still hurting as I type, please can B&Q make their fittings a little better as quite a few of the screws took a lot of hard graft to get in (and I count myself as a flat pack aficionado) and a few I still haven't managed, but will try again tonight with a better allen key than the one provided! #ouch

 Then just a little careful sorting of his books, and a few accessories from his 'Union Jack' room (he had a total obsession with the Olympics in 2012 and the love of all things British has never really left) and we are all done.

Took less than an hour and I now have one happy son, and a little more breathing room to get on with Henry's room LOL.

Job Done!

Fay x



My Top 5 Kids Interiors Accounts

I literally could spend most of the day switching between Instagram and Pinterest as they are both such great places to find inspiration and tips on kids interiors and decor.  The below 5 accounts are my absolute faves, and would really recommend for inspiration and even more!

1. Four Cheeky Monkeys – Children’s Interiors and Lifestyle

Four Cheeky Monkeys is a creative lifestyle and interiors blog dedicated to the little people of the world.

2. Rock My Family – Celebrate the joys of family life…

Rock My Family celebrates the joy of daily family life with their dedicated, loyal, yet transitional community and provides a valuable resource for everyone navigating the many challenges they find along the way.

A post shared by Rock My Family (@rockmyfamily) on

3. Kids Interiors – Get Inspired!

Kids Interiors is an on-line inspiration and shopping guide for the best kids interior brands and shops from all over the world.

4. Project Nursery – Experts in baby nursery, kids room + party design

5. Nursery Decor – Coolest IG nurseries, playrooms and kids decor

So if you are new to IG, or just haven’t come across these guys yet; then they are a must follow.

Happy Sunday folks,

Fay x

P.S Got an account you love, you think we should be following, then please share below! x

post-natal depression

How Felicity Finds She Is Not Alone

Depression Quotes _ Post Natal Depression Quotes _ Quotes about mental health _ Mental Health Quotes

Post-Natal Depression

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything personal on here, in fact, it may have been #passportgate.  When I managed to forget to renew H’s passport and we had to leave him at home with the grandparents? Didn’t read that, then click here to see my biggest parenting fail so far…

Funnily enough this week lots of things have been making me look back and realise that while the journey may never be over, I’ve definitely come a long way.

Just the Baby Blues?

Several months after the birth of my second son, I suddenly found myself feeling very alone.  With two boys under 2 (there were only 14 months between them) I was struggling to cope.  The baby blues I guess I thought.  I had suffered from clinical depression twice before in my life, both at times of incredible personal stress (I can see the triggers now).  However, I think because I was absolutely fine after Henry, I didn’t expect to suffer from post-natal depression.  It was really quite gradual and looking back I should have recognised the signs.  Moreover, I guess I was trying so hard to cope and to put a brave face on that by the time I realised, I had hit rock bottom.

This S**t ain’t Easy!

I think the big pressure was that I felt motherhood should be a lovely experience (and the majority of the time it is!).  Somehow others made it look so easy.  Consequently, I felt a huge expectation to cope.  I didn’t realise that others had been and were going, through the same feelings I was.  That it was more than just baby blues and actually post-natal depression.  I’ve since come to realise that lots of us are pretending to be swans.  Above the surface, it’s pretty calm and serene, but underneath we’re all paddling like mad.  Oh, and social media isn’t reality!

Enough is Enough

Once the doctors were involved, then I suddenly felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I didn’t necessarily feel that I was no longer alone, but at least I knew someone cared enough to help.  I would love to have had a group of mums to speak to.  Others who had gone through the same thing.  Someone to just say to me, I’ve been where you are and there is help.  That it is normal to feel how you are feeling and it won’t last forever.

Facts about PND _ Post Natal Depression Facts _ Mental Health Facts _ Postpartum Depression

Road To Recovery

It’s been a struggle and it wasn’t an easy thing to come back from.  My mum was a massive help and even ‘upped sticks’ and moved down to York to help me.  I’m not sure I would be here if it wasn’t for her or my husband and his family.  I spent a long time having therapy (Initially CBT therapy as well as EMDR Therapy many years later).  My concern was how far it had gotten before anybody (including me) recognised.  How desperate I had gotten, how little support I felt there was out there.  If I had just realised there was someone else who felt the same or even to know that what I was feeling was normal.

It is so hard, as generally by the time someone gets to the point of asking for help, it’s almost too late and there will be a lasting impact on everyone involved.  I do worry if my post-natal depression will have an effect on my boys.  I guess even now I’m still filled by the guilt that I failed them in some way (I know rationally I haven’t) and that they will suffer because.

The Future

What I will do is follow my heart with a passion from now on, and show my boys that there is always love, there is always hope and that as long as they are honest and true to themselves, then that is all I can ask.

I’ve come back stronger, wiser and with a fire that wasn’t there before.  Depression is something that needs to be respected and listened too, not hidden away in shame; take heed, work hard on yourself and come out fighting! You are not alone, we are not alone.

Much love,

Fay x

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Green is the new Black

‘Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.’

Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Greenery was chosen as THE Pantone colour for 2017, and botanical in THE trend in interiors right now; so move over Monochrome, here’s how to introduce this massive trend into a nursery or child’s bedroom!

I began my research where any good person does… Pinterest! and immediately came across this stunning wall mural from Rebel Walls which is a beautifully fun way to bring the outdoors in to a nursery.  On checking out their website I came across some other fabulous examples that would be perfect for either a nursery, playroom or child’s room.

Paper-thin delicate leaves with a layer-upon layer effect. Up, down or side does not matter, just as green and beautiful as that.  Perfect for an older child’s bedroom or playroom!

Carefully hand drawn letters created with ink and watercolours from A to Z.  Perfect for a nursery or playroom, and if you really can’t deal with Green, it comes in Black too!

This floral wall mural is both powerful and delicate.  Having been searching for something for Henry’s room, I think I may have just found, how perfect for his Japanese room!

But what if you want to include ‘actual’ greenery into a nursery or playroom?  Is it safe, what plants are best…


A lovely example found on Pinterest, with not only some actual greenery, but also incorporating some beautiful vintage style floral prints.  Just stunning…

Lullaby Paints share the best plants from the list that are safe and non-toxic for the nursery (and are also fairly durable for those of us with brown thumbs).
Check out these 5 non-toxic, nursery-safe plants to clean indoor air

Lover of all things vintage, @calivintage (Erin) shows a perfect example of how plants can add something truly beautiful to a nursery.  A simple and stylish interior, with such a light and airy feel, as if almost outdoors.  Go check out her feed for more…

Another great way to introduce botanicals or greenery is by adding soft furnishings or artwork.  There are plenty of fabric sites out there to order your own and make whatever you fancy, cushions, blankets, decor.  If you want some inspiration or don’t want to make yourself then here are some great examples (including a few of my own!).

This is such a fun addition to any room, and best of all you can make easily yourself! Click here for full instructions (as long as your French isn’t rusty!)

And so there you have it, some beautiful examples of how you can introduce greenery and botanicals into your child’s room!

I’d love to see some examples of your children’s room! Please feel free to share on FB or IG using the hashtag #howfelicityfinds for a chance to be featured!

See you soon,

Fay x

pirate ship kids bed

Where dreams are made...

So after researching my last blog, I was approached by Dreamcraft Furniture in Sheffield as they had read my blog and were having an open day that next Saturday so wondered if I fancied popping along…

Mmmm let me think… Handmade Kids beds…  Local Family Owned Business… Pirate themed photo booth… Oh go on then!

dreamcraft furniture shop

Based in Sheffield, their workshop and offices are very easily accessible, with ample parking if you fancy paying them a visit.  If time or location doesn’t permit a visit however, then panic not as they design, build and deliver bespoke themed beds, storage and furniture all over the country. With a team of 8 (Oh and Lanny, she the real boss!) each individually bringing their talents together to create some of the most amazing creations an imagination can desire.

But there aren’t just the bespoke, themed beds above; Dreamcraft also produce traditional style beds, co-ordinating bedroom furniture and so much more.  They are more than happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to give you exactly what you want, no matter what your budget (payment plans are available).

Jenny (Development Manager) & Charlie (Digital Media Guru) were absolutely lovely and you could feel the passion that they have for the business.  It was so lovely to see existing customers, as well as brand new visitors at the open day, and it was a great way to see the quality and craftsmanship in person as well as some of the amazing beds they had on show.

To see just how these bed are hand fitted to your room, check out this time lapse of an installation, viewed over 1million times on their You Tube channel! Amazing…

Was great to meet the team and after having visited then the only issue I have left is whether to go for Pirate Ship or Harry Potter Castle… although Samuel has other ideas as he happened to see a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Bed they had made previously!

Great Company, Amazing products, definitely worth a look/visit guys!

Fay x

princess palace bed

My Top 10 Beds for kids

You know me, I love to champion kids rooms, I really don’t want them forgotten about.  We spend so much time on decorating our social spaces and bedrooms tend to get left behind.  When my eldest two were born, kids rooms used to be all about the coordinating bedding, wallpaper borders and possibly curtains if you were lucky; that’s essentially how Henry, Fred and Felicity started as I wanted more for my boys rooms…

10 years on and a lot has changed, not least the decor, soft furnishings and bedding that can be bought for a child’s room.  The variety and choice is just fantastic, and for as little as you want, or as much as you want, you can now create a room your kids will love and can’t wait to show off to their friends!

I know there is the argument that a bedroom should be a restful place, purely for sleep; however nowadays more often than not bedrooms double up as playrooms, while space is premium; and even if not, calming and restful does not mean boring and bland.  So the key is to design a magical space that is not only there to aid sleep but also creates an environment that encourages play and development.  Beds are a vital part of the room obviously, but that doesn’t mean we should just ‘buy a bed’ and design a room around it.  Such an expensive purchase to me means that some real thought should go into it and how it will develop with your child, look in the room, as well as work as a place to sleep.  Here are my top 10 choices…


I adore these Noah pods from Clair De Lune, I really wish they had been about when my boys were little as would have loved one.  For me now though they are bang on trend, perfect for the natural, greenery look that is so cool right now.  Imagine Botanical wallpaper (Lisa Dawson Styling had some fab examples in her blog last week), Macrame wall hangings (Dhavi Designs are lush), neutral tones and bringing the outdoors in to your little ones room.



The simplicity of this Flexa Play Cot from Diddle Tinkers is beautiful.  Available in 4 colours, the white and grey are my favourite.  Perfect if you are a fan of the minimalist scandi style, imagine monochrome, washed floorboards, and lots of natural light.

3. Camper Van Bed

purple white camper van bed

Imagine the adventures your little one (and their friends) can get up to in this bed! Handmade to order by and painted at your request, there are other beds to choose from including army tanks and a London bus; but this is my particular favourite, especially for a beach loving surfer dude…

4. Princess Palace Bed

princess palace bed

Now when I was young I would have killed for a bed like this!  Perfect for your little princesses and/or Frozen fans.  However i’m thinking Harry Potter, you could have a field day with this and I know plenty of peeps who would love.  Go check out Dreamcraft Furniture for more details and also some of their other amazing beds.

5. KURA Reversible Bed

kura reversible bed

I wish I’d seen this when I decorated Samuel’s room as I’d have bought and painted the pine black to match his room.  This Ikea bed is not only very reasonable, but also very versatile too, once constructed you can choose to have as a low bed (as shown) or simply turn upside down to create a high bed.  Perfect for whatever stage your little one is at.

6. STUVA Loft Bed

I love this STUVA loft bed from Ikea, so fantastic for a smaller room, tight on space.  Henry is desperate for it, but so not part of his Anime/Japanese theme room; however I haven’t broken it to him that his brother may well get… #ssshhhh So many combinations to make the perfect space for an older child!

7. Pirate Ship Bed

For every pirate loving kid out there, this is like the Little Tykes Pirate Bed on steroids, imagine the years of joy this would bring any child.  This Pirate Ship bed comes with built in features that you would expect to see on any great vessel of the sea such as the custom built sail, trap door, anchor, skull and crossbones, boat wheel with play area and a wooden grain style finish. This bed is full of realistic features and hand painted areas that gives this bed a beautiful genuine pirate ship feel.

8. Treehouse Bunk Bed

As seen used by many a celebrity, this fantastic Treehouse bed is suitable for toddlers who have outgrown their cot or junior bed, and are ready for something special. The Treehouse bed from Mathy by Bols is part of a collection of treehouse beds, some being double bunk beds, and others being single raised beds.

The only issue I can see if you choose bunk beds is who gets to sleep on top!

9. Tent Bed

Continuing with award winning designer Mathy By Bols, comes the Tent Bed.  The Mathy By Bols Tent bed was a best seller through 2016, and is a great idea for a bedroom or playroom.  Create all sorts of adventures under the night sky (albeit one created indoors) with this fabulous bed; i’m thinking Navy walls and ceiling, glow in the dark stars, a feature wall with landscape, you get my drift…

10. Plane Toddler Bed

Last but by no means least is the Argos toddler Plane Bed.  For less than £200 Argos do an amazing range of wooden toddler beds, including a fire truck, doll house and dinosaur.  But this Plane bed really caught my eye.  In a beautiful dusky blue, with a secret storage compartment and a working propeller this would look great in any boy or girls first ‘big kid’ room.  But in my opinion, stay away from the matching furniture!

It really is up to you, but I think every child deserves a special room and I hope the above has inspired you for your own children’s bedrooms and just what can be the start of something special.

If you have already designed/styled your childs rooms then i’d love to see so please feel free to tag me on any IG posts with #howfelicityfinds or share on my Facebook page with the same hashtag.


Fay x


How felicity finds 3 craws sat upon a wa'

3 craws sat upon a wa’, sat upon a wa’, sat upon a wa’, on a cold and frosty morning!  A traditional scots song that suddenly came to mind (my mum used to sing to me) when I began to write this post on wall hangings!

Wall hangings are such a massive trend right now, and initially when we think of wall hangings I think we either think of baby mobiles, bunting etc. or very stylish adult wall hangings, but actually there are so many choices nowadays that are created specifically for kids or that can actually cross all boundaries of age, so I thought I’d share my Top 3 wall hangings for kids rooms, all from independent businesses found on Instagram x

Macrame wall hangings are bang on trend and super stylish (might just have bought myself one! #oops), they look super cool in a girls room or babies nursery, and are the perfect colour to sit with this seasons interior trends of muted pink, blue & dark grey tones; and imagine just how beautiful they would look in a nature inspired kids room, greens and foliage are another huge trend this year.

These handcrafted designs are from Dhavi Designs.  Jo is based in Innsbruck, Austria; although has travelled the world extensively and loves being close to nature where ever she is.  Her designs reflect this perfectly, each piece is made to order and will differ slightly due to the nature of the driftwood used and crafting by hand.

Felt Balls Garlands & Dreamcatchers are a fun and quick way to liven up any wall or shelf area. The great thing about them is you can hang them using your favourite Washi Tape or invisible hooks and re-arrange as much or as little as you want!

There are quite a few independents out there making garlands and more, but my favourite by far has to be The Bear & The Bird (so much so I now Rep for them, as absolutely love how their products sit with mine for product shots).  Choose from a myriad of colours, including glitter too; mini garlands, monster garlands (my favourite!), large and small dreamcatchers, custom plaques and so much more.  Going to their shop is kinda like visiting a sweetie shop, so much to choose from and you want it all! Can’t see exactly what you want, then Mel & Lisa will be only too happy to help…

Sometimes we just need something a little different to complete a wall.  Where it’s calling out for something totally unique, to fill a space that will take the room from beautiful to magical!

When I first discovered these Fiona Walker animal heads I was blown away.  I’d seen the 3D card/wood effects heads which I love, but for a children’s room I think these are just amazing.  They totally transport me back to my childhood, skipping round the house on my hobbyhorse, lost in a world of adventure. Diddle Tinkers have an enviable range available, these pastel version are my particular favourite!  Diddle Tinkers purpose is simple; to mix style, design, luxury and play for modern families, and transform toddler bedrooms and newborn nurseries, these animal heads certainly do that.

So there we have it! Took a little longer than planned to get this blog to you, but I hope you like it and find some inspiration to introduce wall hangings into your little ones rooms.

My best advice, mix it up! Add the traditional wall decor of shelving, mirrors, prints, canvases etc. but then add some truly unique and fun pieces like above to really set off your child’s room from others.  Most of all HAVE FUN and ENJOY, because guaranteed your child will love it then too.

Fay x