A little bit more about me…

About me…

I’m Fay, a slightly frazzled (okay, maybe a lot) mum raising three wonderfully different boys in a beautiful village near York. Though I proudly call the North East home now, after fleeing the London scene in 2004, my adventurous spirit hails from my roots, Scotland.

Mum to three late-diagnosed neurodivergent boys (Delayed Processing, SPD, Dyslexia, ADHD and MLD); I am now on the pathway to a formal diagnosis of ADHD/ASD (2 years and counting) after recognising symptoms in myself whilst my boys went through assessment. I am peri-menopausal (8 years and counting) which has had a huge effect on me and my neurodivergent brain. I am passionate about helping mothers understand how menopause and neurodivergence can affect their every day. Sharing the latest news, research and lived experience. As well as skills and strategies that can make all the difference.

I have spent the last three years completing teaching qualifications in neurodiversity and learning differences. I am currently undertaking specialist Menopause training with Dr Louise Newson.

Bullied relentlessly through my junior years at school, I champion diversity, inclusion and equity. Working hard to raise awareness of mental health issues and neurodiversity.  As a result, I believe in being open and honest about everything in my life to help others.

Life isn’t easy!  By writing about my life and the mistakes I’ve made (and still do), with a bit of humour, I hope others realise that they are not alone.  It’s all about being true to yourself with every decision you make. Raising some kick-ass, respectful and world-changing kids along the way. I’d really love it if you joined me on my journey.

Fay x